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If you are looking for a team of contractors who can revitalize your home, contact the remodelers at Grey Colt Construction, LLC. We’re licensed, we’re bonded, we’re insured, and we’re eager to help you. Call us at (520) 270-2988 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!


About Grey Colt Construction, LLC Remodeling

Remodeling Is the Best Approach to Revitalizing Your Home

Has your once beloved home begun to lose its luster? Do you find yourself wishing it was more in step with today’s trends?

Let us help you with that. Call us today to learn more about our remodeling services.

Let the Home Remodeling Experts at Grey Colt Construction, LLC Take the Reigns

Whether you’re looking to remodel your entire home, your kitchen, or even your unfinished basement, we can help you. We’ve tackled the most complex projects under tight deadlines, and never once have we left a client feeling unsatisfied.

Remodeling the Right Way: No-Obligation Free Consultations and More

With our services you can always expect:

  • Thorough Consultation Sessions
  • Competitive Rates
  • Flexible Scheduling Options for All Services
  • Affordable Materials
  • Access to the Best Subcontractors
  • …and more!

Our Residential Remodelers Save You Lots of Money

Our close relationships with local and brand name suppliers ensure that you won’t have to pay sky-high prices for the materials your project needs.

Turn a Cramped Cooking Area into a Comfortable Kitchen with Kitchen Remodeling

If your kitchen is feeling a little crowded, it probably isn’t because the room is too small. It is cramped because of its improper design and layout.

With the right layout, your once-beloved kitchen can both perfectly accommodate your cooking needs and seat your guests, just like you’ve always wanted. We’ll carefully draft plans and wait for your approval before we begin sourcing the most suitable materials for the job.


Fast Turnarounds on Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Any household bathroom receives several visits throughout the average day, especially in a family household. If the bathroom is out of commission for long, everyone becomes inconvenienced.

That’s why we work quickly at all times, while never forgetting about our commitment to excellence and quality. We honor every deadline you set by staying on schedule and sticking to our carefully laid-out plan.

Rest assured, you’ll have access to your beautiful bathroom in no time!

Extended Warranties on All Renovations

Every bit of work done on your home is covered by one of our incredible warranties. It doesn’t matter whether a light fixture falls out of place or floor tiles begin to shift soon after installation, all you need to do is call us. It’s that simple!

Our warranties ensure that you’ll be protected from the financial fallout that often comes with certain household problems. This might seem like a godsend to you, but we think it is the least we can do.

Call Tucson’s Best Residential Remodeling Team Today

To make sure you get the most for your hard-earned dollar, contact the remodelers who work for every red cent. Call (520) 270-2988 to speak to one of our representatives today! We promise you won’t be disappointed.